Turner’s / Raahauge’s 2013 Shooting Sports Fair – Corona

I meant to post about this a few weeks ago, but the day job just keeps getting in the way…

2013 Shooting Sports Fair

A few weekends ago, I went to the Turner’s Outdoorsman / Raahauge’s Shooting Sports Fair at Raahauge’s Shooting Enterprises in Corona. This event has been going on for thirty years, but this is only the second time I have attended.

Some of the booths

This event allows you to learn about and even fire guns from many different manufacturers. Manufacturer representatives and/or instructors provide guidance while you operate a firearm.

.50 cal machine gun

Tommy guns

Here are some of the guns I have fired at the Sports Fair:

Shooting the S&W M&P45 in 2012

  • Smith & Wesson 500
  • Smith & Wesson M&P45
  • Springfield Armory M1A
  • Thompson/Center Encore .308 pistol
  • Beretta PX4 Storm
  • Mossberg 500 Flex 12 gauge
  • Thompson machine gun (semi-automatic only, but still fun to shoot)
  • .50 caliber machine gun (again, semi-automatic only)
  • Remington semi-automatic 12 gauge

Some 2013 pricesSome more 2013 prices

The prices to try out the various firearms range from a few dollars for a few rounds to $15 or more per round for specialized firearms such as the Barrett 50 caliber BMG. You can even shoot a Gatling gun.

Hunting dogs exhibition

If you don’t like guns, this is probably not the event for you. Even though there are other activities such as a rock wall, archery and fishing, this is definitely a firearms event.

I’ll be back next year.

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