Two Riverside County Hazardous Waste Facilities Expanding Hours in 2017

The Riverside County Department of Waste Resources announced that it will be expanding the service hours of the household hazardous waste collection facilities at the landfills in Moreno Valley and Beaumont beginning on January 2, 2017.

These services are for Riverside County residents only, and are aimed at keeping household hazardous waste out of landfills. Waste from businesses or non-profits is not allowed.

From a Riverside County News Release:

The Riverside County Department of Waste Resources will expand the service collection days for the antifreeze, battery, oil, paint (ABOP) and PaintCare Facility from one day a week to 6 days each week, at the landfills in Moreno Valley and Beaumont. Beginning January 2, 2017, the newly expanded services will be available for free to Riverside County residents from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday, except on holidays. The Badlands Landfill is located at 31125 Ironwood Ave. in Moreno Valley and the Lamb Canyon Landfill is located at 16411 Lamb Canyon Road in Beaumont.

The ABOP and PaintCare Facilities provide an opportunity for Riverside County residents to keep household hazardous waste out of landfills and ensure that it is properly managed.

The release states that typical waste accepted at these facilities “includes antifreeze, household and automotive batteries, used motor oil and oil filters, paints, cooking oil, aerosols, mercury containing equipment, fluorescent bulbs/tubes, and electronic wastes such as televisions, computers, VCRs and telephones”.

The release does not specifically mention old fuel. I have some to get rid of so I will to call to find out if they will accept it.

There are limits. No contaminated waste will be accepted, and loads must not exceed 15 gallons (in no more than 5 gallon containers) or 125 pounds (no more than 50 pounds per container) per vehicle.

For more information, view the news release and/or contact the department:

(951) 486-3200 or (800) 304-2226

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