Volleyball Open Gyms in Riverside And Beyond

While looking for places to play many years ago, I got carried away and created this directory of volleyball open gyms throughout California. Help out your fellow volleyball players by sharing some info about these open gyms and letting me know about new ones.

Select a county or enter a city and press “SEARCH”. Day of week is optional.

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  • Micah Tago

    I came to play on Sunday at the Moreno Valley Rec center an they said they can only setup for volleyball if alot of people show up. Show up people if you want to play volleyball.

  • Ray Mataele

    does anyone go to thursday night open gym and knows the level of play their? if its beginners/intermediate/ or really good play/

    please let a brotha know thanks

  • Jayke

    This page is really helpful, thank you to whoever created it.

    I found La Sierra Academy is having open gym for volleyball.

    (Copied from site)

    COED NO Beginners. 18 and older

    Thursday Nights: JUNE 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th. July 5th, 12th, 19th.

    Sunday Night Open Gym JUNE 3rd at Riverside Christian 3532 Monroe St 92504

    La Sierra Academy-4900 Golden Ave. Riverside, CA JUNE 10th and forever in 7pm at LSA

    Does anyone know the skill level (of other players) of any of the places listed above?

  • Jeff

    For La Sierra you can get anywhere from highly experienced to somewhat experienced on the same team. Teams are usually picked/divided based off of level experience so they are pretty evenly matched. Next meeting is Wednesday Sept. 5 because of Labor Day Sunday. definitely worth checking out. 2 courts, The more people who come out the more competition.
    Sundays @ La Sierra
    Wednesdays @ Avalon Park in Riverside (off Rubidoux/60)

  • Jerry

    I am a student in UCR. if i wanna to play volleyball, can i take part in your team or organization?

  • Jasmine

    Moreno valley rec center does volleyball on Thursday night’s @730 , I’m not sure if they still do it on Sundays

  • Aril

    Hi I really want to play volleyball here in riverside since I just moved here from another country. I hope you guys can help me where to go. Thank u

  • Hayden

    Thanks for putting this together. Since it’s warming up, I’m looking to play some sand ball. I have to coach on Mondays and Wednesdays, and that’s when my normal group plays. Is anyone interested in getting a group together to play (doubles) any other days? We could do like Andulka Park or something like that in Riverside (corner of Central and Chicago). I have balls and lines. Would be good to get out again.

  • r

    I have a daughter she Ten year old,she a beginner,she want’s to be on a team and lean how to play volleyball can some body help her get start,or suggestion ?? she live in Riverside,CA. Thank You

  • Jacob

    There is open gym in Temecula at Temecula Valley Fitness (36580 Penfield Ln Winchester, CA 92596) on Friday nights at 7:30. No charge to play.

  • Hernan Garcia

    hello hayden! i have a group of people that meet up thursdays and sundays at andulka if you would like to join. let me know if you want more info.

  • Kari

    Hernan – I’m itching to get out and play again. Is your group on Thursdays and Sundays still open? How many play on a team? Thanks, Kari

  • Hernan

    Kari- we go out Sunday evenings now since the people I play with are busy on Thursdays but lately we haven’t being going as much as before because of the time change. Do you have any other people who would play? What’s your skill level?

  • Nick Erskine

    I’m interested in playing either next Thursday, or the Sunday or Monday before Christmas. I would say I have an ‘intermediate’ skill level. Please let me know of all open gym dates available. Thanks!

  • Kari

    Hernan, sorry it has taken a while to respond. No, I don’t know anyone else who wants to play. My skill level is intermediate. Are you playing on Sunday nights?

  • Xiong Vang

    Wow this site is so awesome but it seems like it’s out of date. I wish some of the area still play and have great player to play. Wish I can stop by to play but I’m just visiting Riverside.

  • Juan Manuel Herrera

    hi i am living in riverside I’m interested to attend the gym think I saw an intermediate level of play any phone number you can give me

  • Anyone playing outdoors in the evenings this summer?

  • Edgar

    I’m the adult sports coordinator for the City of Riverside, and we now have an up and coming volleyball league. Games are played on Wednesday nights at Nichols park. If you need more information, contact me at eservin@riversideca.gov

  • Hello everyone! ???? I’m looking for updated info on playing volleyball in the inland empire. I’m a little rusty but I love to play!

  • Edgar

    If people are interested in bringing in a team to our city league, please contact me at eservin@riversideca.gov!

  • brent Powell

    Yucaipa rec center has open gym Mon & Wed 6-9

  • Alyssa

    $15 for an annual pass to Eastvale community center to play every monday, 3 courts.

  • Alyssa

    Oh, as brent mentioned there is also yucaipa, $2

  • ole

    Thanks for the info.

  • Konrad

    Sundays 6:30 to 8:30 at forza1 volleyball clib. 3008 inland empire blvd in ontario

  • Matt

    If anyone know any volleyball open gym or an organized team around riverside area, please let me know. Even co-ed team, i really want to play volleyball 🙂

  • Jon

    Moreno Valley: Conference and Recreation Center
    is from 7-9PM

  • There are adult indoor and sand leagues weekdays and weekends at the Pearce Sports Center in San Bernardino. The programs are run by Rancho Valley Volleyball Club.

    [I removed your email address and added your contact link instead.]

    For more info: http://www.ranchovalleyvolleyballclub.com

  • Chelsie

    For eastvale do you have to sign up or do you try out ??
    Or just show up and play ?
    I’m 22 years old and live near East vale and would love to play again

    • Ole

      I have not played at Eastvale yet. Usually, open gyms allow you to just show up, pay and play. I would give them a call to confirm the time and ask any questions. If you go, I hope you let us know what it is like.

  • Michael

    Where can I find a sand volleyball court around inland empire?

  • Jay

    Eastvale Community Center
    Monday’s 8-10pm(may start later depending on programs going on beforehand/quickness of employees setting up net)

    Fee is something like $12-15 for a year long membership. You get an ID card and you just bring that every week

  • Fishloveswater

    Borchard Rec Center In Newbury Park, Ventura
    -Monday’s 7:00pm – 10:00pm
    -Very High Level of Play, lots of ex-collegiate players
    -Free to Play

  • Ib Thab

    Monday 8pm-10pm – Eastvale Community Center: 13820 Schleisman Rd, Corona, CA 92880 (You have to buy a one year card for the whole year) 3 courts

    Tuesday 7pm-9pm – Bobby Bonds Park: 2030 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92507 ($3/day) 1 court

    Wednesday 6pm-8:30pm – Yucaipa Community Center: 34900 Oak Glen Rd, Yucaipa, CA 92399 ($2-3/day) 1-2 courts

    Thursday 7pm-9:30pm – Moreno Valley Recreational Center: 14075 Frederick St, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 (CLOSED NOW till August) ($3/day) 2 courts

    Friday 6pm-9pm – Pearce Sports Center San Bernardino (RVVC): 474 Mckay Dr, San Bernardino, CA 92408 ($4/day) 2-3 courts

    • Ole

      Thanks. I have all of them except the one in SB. I need to look at updating the details, though. With MoVal closed, Orange Terrace in Riverside had four teams on one court last Thursday night.

  • Snorlax

    Thank you! I might check out eastvale and moval

  • Omar

    Hello. I am wondering where I can play volleyball for any day of the week other than thursdays, looking for open gyms. Located in Rialto CA, please let me know if certain locations are available as of 2019. Thank you

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