Love Volleyball? Find a Volleyball Open Gym in California

While looking for local volleyball open gyms years ago, I got carried away and created this directory of places to play volleyball throughout California. Help grow the sport by sharing info about these open gyms and letting me know about new ones.

Use the search field below to find an event. The search field is easy to use. Just type what you’re looking for. Examples:

  • If you want to find an open gym in Riverside, just type: riverside
  • If you want to find an open gym on Fridays, type: fri
  • If you want to find an open gym in Riverside on Fridays, type: riverside fri

NOTE: I created this directory of volleyball open gyms before COVID, so please post a comment if you know of new places to play or have updated information about any of these open gyms. Some of these open gyms may not exist any longer.

48 thoughts on “Love Volleyball? Find a Volleyball Open Gym in California

  • Laloifi Vaifanua

    Hello, Im located in San Jacinto and I am looking for an open gym near me. Plz let me know if there are any near me.

  • Hernan Garcia

    Hello! Not sure if anyone uses this but I set up a volleyball net on grass most Sundays and I plan to do it more often once the time changes. Let me know if you’re interested. Typically we try to keep it at 3 on 3 but we can always work with what we have. Skill level must be at a 7ish on a scale of 1-10 please. 1 being new player, 10 being college level.

    • Travis

      Just moved to Hermosa beach Ca. Was wondering if there are pickup indoor or beach volleyball I can get involved with.. without to much commitment and if it costs, looking for reasonable fees.

  • I haven’t seen this posted anywhere else so I’ll leave a comment.

    RC Sports Center in Rancho Cucamonga offers open gym volleyball on Sunday afternoons.
    Time: 12-4:45 PM
    Cost: $5 for 18 & Over, $3 for 17 & Under
    Address: RC Sports Center, 022902141, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

    Skill level varies each weekend. Some strong players go, some weaker players go.

  • Hello. I am wondering where I can play volleyball for any day of the week other than thursdays, looking for open gyms. Located in Rialto CA, please let me know if certain locations are available as of 2019. Thank you

    • Cassandra

      474 W MacKay dr San Bernardino
      At Pearce Sports Center.
      Starts at 7:30pm
      $5 entry

        • Chuck Bernard

          Are these volleyball posts OK for older beginners?


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